Gaiduchik Orthodontics
Awsome very good experience

Tammy M. | Feb 14, 2023
I came to Dr. Gaiduchik after completing the Invisalign process with another Orthodontist and not being satisfied with the results. Dr. Gaiduchik took one look at my teeth and knew more treatment was required. Not only did he agree to fix the mistakes of the pervious Orthodontist, he explained the process in detail and how, together, I could reach realistic goals. The technology his offices uses is of the highest quality as my new liners fit much better than my pervious treatment. When my new liners arrived, he agreed to see me during his lunch hour as opposed to waiting weeks before my schedule cleared. I highly recommend Dr. Gaiduchik and his staff to anyone seeking quality Orthodontal work.

Sameer S. | Dec 09, 2022