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Why Choose Traditional Braces over Clear Aligners?

Jul 01, 2023
Why Choose Traditional Braces over Clear Aligners?
Clear aligners are all the rage because they allow you to straighten your teeth discreetly, but that doesn't mean they’re right for you. Before you decide on your orthodontic treatment, consider the advantages of traditional braces.

Clear aligners revolutionized orthodontic treatments and made teeth straightening cool. They’re not only discreet, but also very effective and can deliver excellent results.

We offer clear aligners here at Gaiduchik Orthodontics in Carmichael, California — our patients love the benefits of removable, invisible trays, and so do we. But sometimes, traditional braces are a better fit, and here’s why.

When traditional braces trump clear aligners

You have many choices when it comes to how you straighten your teeth, and they all fall into two categories: traditional wire-and-bracket braces and clear aligners. While they both address multiple orthodontic issues, braces edge out clear aligners in some situations. Here are several reasons traditional braces may be your best option.

You have complicated orthodontic problems

Clear aligners are great for minor misalignments and slightly crooked teeth, but they can’t match braces’ powerful pull. Brackets and wires permanently attached to your teeth are more effective if you have severe orthodontic issues, such as:

  • Wide gaps 
  • A twisted or rotated tooth
  • Severe bite problems
  • Teeth that are too low or too high
  • Significant overcrowding

In these cases, braces are your best bet because they exert more sustained force and can correct complex problems.

Braces require less responsibility

No orthodontic treatment lets you off the hook completely. If you choose braces, you’ll need to brush and floss diligently and keep up with regular checkups.

However, with clear aligners, you need the self-discipline to wear the trays for at least 22 hours daily. You must remove them to eat and drink and clean your teeth before replacing the trays in your mouth, which can be inconvenient for some people. If you or your teen are forgetful or don’t want the hassle of removing and replacing the trays several times a day, choose braces.

Better chance of finishing your treatment on time

Every mouth is different, so every orthodontic treatment is different. Dr. Andrey Gaiduchik can give you a good idea of how long your treatment will last, but a few things could lengthen the process.

With clear aligners, several variables could derail your treatment, such as losing or breaking your trays, not wearing them for 22 hours daily, or taking breaks from your treatment.

With braces, you eliminate those variables and increase your chances of completing your treatment on schedule. 

Braces come with options

When you hear the term traditional braces, you probably think of the silver metal type, and that style is still available and effective.

However, choosing traditional braces doesn’t mean you’re stuck with only one choice. We offer colored braces, clear braces, and lingual braces that attach to the back sides of your teeth. 

Dr. Gaiduchik even offers the Damon™ self-ligating braces system that eliminates the need for rubber bands.

To learn more about traditional braces and their advantages, schedule a visit with Dr. Gaiduchik. Call 916-331-0841 or request an appointment online