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Straighten Your Teeth Incognito

Aug 01, 2023
If the thought of a mouthful of metal has stopped you from fixing your crooked teeth, we have great news! We offer two stealthy ways to straighten your teeth, align your bite, and ensure optimal oral health without anyone noticing.

 Whether you’re a teen trying to get through high school without attracting negative attention or an adult trying to maintain a mature, professional appearance, you’re probably putting off your orthodontic treatment to avoid the metal-mouth look.

We get it, and we have a solution — two, actually.

Our Gaiduchik Orthodontics team proudly offers effective teeth-straightening treatments that allow you to go incognito. We help teens, tweens, and grownups throughout Carmichael, California, get through orthodontic treatment discreetly so no one notices. Keep reading, as Dr. Andrey Gaiduchik explains. 

Incognito option #1: clear braces

Gone are the days when traditional metal braces were your only way to straighten teeth. Today, we offer various ways to achieve a more confident smile without feeling self-conscious. One of the most popular options is clear braces, a perfect choice for those seeking a discreet treatment that offers the same benefits as traditional braces. 

The 411 on clear braces

Clear ceramic braces are made of clear or tooth-colored materials that blend in with your natural tooth color. The brackets bond to the front of your teeth, connected by a thin wire that we adjust periodically to apply gentle pressure on your teeth so they move gradually. 

Like traditional braces, clear ceramic braces have the same effectiveness in fixing complex orthodontic issues, including crooked teeth, gaps, and bite problems.

The advantages of clear braces

One of the primary benefits of clear ceramic braces is that they are more discreet in appearance than traditional braces. 

Additionally, clear braces are fixed appliances, so there’s no worry of misplacing them while eating or speaking.

What to expect when you get clear braces

Getting clear braces is the same as getting traditional metal braces. 

First, Dr. Gaiduchik examines your teeth to determine if clear ceramic braces are the right option for you, then takes a complete impression of your teeth, creating a custom treatment plan to move your teeth into the correct position. 

He applies the brackets to the front surfaces of your teeth using a special adhesive. Finally, he connects the brackets using a thin wire.

How to care for your clear braces

Brush and floss thoroughly daily, as food particles can get trapped between your teeth and braces. Dr. Gaiduchik gives you an orthodontic kit with special flossers and brushes to make cleaning easier. 

Until you get used to your clear braces, eat soft foods that are easy to chew, and avoid extremely hard, crunchy foods for the duration of your treatment. 

Incognito option #2: clear aligners

Although clear braces are far less noticeable than metal braces — they’re still braces. If you want to make your orthodontic treatment even more invisible, consider our Spark™ clear aligners. 

The 411 on Spark clear aligners

Spark clear aligners are a series of removable trays that snap over your teeth and pop out for eating and drinking. They’re custom-made for you and fit snugly over your teeth, so you not only fool the world, but you may not notice them yourself. 

When you wear the trays, they apply gentle pressure to your teeth, slowly moving them into the correct position. Every few weeks, you get a new set of aligners that gradually shift your teeth until they reach their ideal alignment. The treatment typically lasts 6-12 months, depending on your unique needs.

What to expect when you get Spark clear aligners

During your first appointment, Dr. Gaiduchik creates a 3D scan of your teeth. He uses the digital image to develop a custom plan for your aligners, including the number of trays you’ll need and the predicted treatment time. 

You need to wear your Spark clear aligners for at least 22 hours daily. You only take them out to eat, drink, and brush.

The advantages of Spark clear aligners

Nothing is more discreet than Spark clear aligners — they make teeth straightening almost invisible. 

They’re an excellent solution if you want a confident smile without the hassle of traditional metal braces or clear braces. And since they’re removable, you can take them out whenever you need to eat, brush, or floss. Being able to take them out also means they’re easier to keep clean, which reduces the risk of gum disease or decay.

How to care for your Spark clear aligners

Spark Clear Aligners are easy to clean; simply rinse them with warm water, and you're good to go. You should also brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush and mild soap to remove any food particles or staining. 

Keep your aligners in their case when not in use or while eating to prevent loss or damage.

If you’re ready to go incognito with your orthodontic treatment, request an appointment online or call us at 916-331-0841.