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Is It Common for Adults to Get Braces?

Mar 01, 2023
Is It Common for Adults to Get Braces?
It’s a myth that kids and teens have a monopoly on the braces market. It’s never too late for a great smile, which is why adult orthodontics is more popular than ever.

You’re never too old to improve your smile, which explains why 25% of today’s orthodontics patients are over 18; but the percentage is even higher here at Giaduchick Orthodontics in Carmichael, California. Constant social media feeds, up-close onscreen meetings, and a growing array of treatment options have made adult orthodontics more popular than ever.

Dr. Andrey Gaiduchick offers effective orthodontic treatments that suit your lifestyle, no matter your age. Here’s a closer look at braces for grownups and all your teeth-straightening choices. 

Adult braces affect more than your teeth

Our adult patients inquire about braces for many of the same reasons as their teenage counterparts: to correct misalignments and improve aesthetics. After all, crooked teeth affect your smile, and your smile affects your self-esteem and mental health. This isn’t just our opinion; it’s scientific fact. 

Smiling triggers the release of feel-good hormones, dopamine and serotonin, that boost your mood and ward off stress, “tricking your brain into thinking you’re happy.”

One study found a correlation between chronic pain — a common issue with malocclusions and crooked teeth — and an increased risk for drug and alcohol addiction. 

Another study links your smile satisfaction with your overall confidence level, showing that 93% of people who love their smiles also exhibit high self-confidence. The 21% surveyed who disliked their smiles reported higher anxiety levels in job interviews and social situations.

But you probably don’t need researchers to tell you what you already know — having a healthy smile makes you look and feel great. That’s where adult braces come in.

The difference between teen and adult braces

If you had braces as a child or know someone who did, you know the drill. We adhere brackets to your teeth and attach tension wires to provide constant pressure that gradually guides your teeth into the proper position. We tighten the wires at each visit and get you closer to your goal each time we see you. That part is the same.

However, when kids and teens get braces, their teeth are still developing, and the tissues are somewhat pliable, so the braces can make adjustments quickly. Your adult teeth are mature and dense, so your treatment may take a little longer.

Adults have also lived longer than children, developed habits, and experienced circumstances that affect their teeth. For example, if you grind your teeth, take certain medications, smoke, or thrust your tongue, it may influence the length of your treatment.

Braces aren’t your only choice

Whether you have overcrowded teeth, an overbite, an underbite, an open bite, a crossbite, jaw misalignment, or gaps, Dr. Gaiduchick can help. We offer traditional metal braces that can address all these common orthodontics problems, but if you’d like to avoid the conspicuous hardware, you can opt for:

The decision is yours, but Dr. Gaiduchick can help you navigate your options and choose the best treatment for your unique teeth. To talk with him about adult orthodontics, contact Gaiduchik Orthodontics online or by phone and schedule a consultation.